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Hot Slots Picks For 2016

When it came to online slot games, 2015 delivered several top of the line releases and then some. Throughout the year players minds were proverbially blew, as game after game and reel after reel proved to be truly awe inspiring. Considering that 2015 was so strong, plenty is expected of 2016 when it comes to casino online action. Putting the reels through their paces, it looks like there is plenty to look forward to this year should you be a lover of slots. Focusing in on the major releases, the following are without question the online slot games to look out for in 2016. Tap your feet There seems to …..

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Step up and spin the Wheel of Risk at Rizk Casino!

These days making a dent in the online casino market is no easy feat. Many major names have tried to little success, with others just not being able to find the magic formula for online casino industry glory. Making sure that they aren’t another name that falls by the wayside, Rizk Casino have stepped up to the plate and seemingly knocked it out of the park with an impressive new online casino offering. Through a bursting at the seams game selection and a strictly no bulls**t welcome bonus, plenty of players are raving about the Rizk Casino experience. Part of what is making Rizk Casino so loved among online casino …..

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The advantages and disadvantages of online casino gaming

  • January 14, 2016
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Gambling is and always has been big business. Since the birth of Las Vegas, the world has seemingly been enamoured with putting their cash on the line in order to win a large sum of money. While for most it is something you dabble in, others certainly take it a little more seriously. The playground for serious gamblers is now the Internet based domain, largely as it can be accessed from anywhere and at any time. For most online casino gaming tends often sells itself, but the reality is that it isn’t always what it seems. If you want to claim the domain as your own, you really need to …..

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The top online casino table games

When you look back through history you are likely to find that no other game format carries as much history as table games. Dating back hundreds (possibly even thousands) of years, many table games have clearly figured out how to adapt and stand the test of time. In today’s Internet age, many of the world’s leading table game have been adapted for online play, with some going on to have more success than other. After looking through various online casinos  we have compiled the following list, which details the top online casino table games available today. No. 4 – Online Baccarat The world knows baccarat as the game of high …..

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